Ten Benefits of Family Travel

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Have children, will travel!


ten benefits of family travel


Are you thinking about hitting the road? Is the travel bug biting? Is so, I wrote this just for you.

Here are ten benefits of family travel:

  1. Family travel builds family ties, deepens relationships and gives everyone a break from routine.
  2. Traveling provides a break from the distractions of, television, technology, and all the hustle and bustle, families deal with day to day.
  3. Being around nature, trees, and fresh air, aids in sleeping better, longer. It also relaxes the mind and body.
  4. Family travel allows children to interact with all age groups. They’ll get to meet people from all walks of life. This strengthens communication skills and confidence.
  5. Traveling is just plain old fashioned fun!
  6. When you travel, you create memories that will always be etched in the mind of your children. They’ll have cherished, stories and pictures to pass down to their children.
  7. Your children will get to see and study the beauty of lakes, flowers, trees, mountains, butterflies, things not found within the four walls of a classroom or your home.
  8. Through travel, history can be experienced through touching, seeing, and smelling. Being fully engaged, beats a book any day!
  9. Using maps can be fun and interesting. When you travel, reading and looking at maps can be a huge tool for discovery and learning directions.
  10. Traveling makes learning fun and exciting. Everything comes to life when you’re on the road and free!

You don’t have to start off traveling on a large scale, to experience the ten benefits of family travel. Like anything else, take baby steps. I call them baby trips or day trips. Just start visiting places within your state. Afterwards, go right outside of your state. The more you venture out, the more fun you’ll experience. Once you get a few trips under your belt, you’re well on your way! Soon, you’ll be able to see the benefits of family travel for yourself.

Happy Travels!

Our plans, His hands.

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