Who is Rosa Parks?

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Who is Rosa Parks?

We visited the Rosa Parks Library and Museum in Alabama. Rosa Parks is known as the woman who sat down and stood for her rights. She stood her ground by sitting down. In short Rosa Parks would not relinquish her seat to a white man, on the bus. Rather than give up her seat, she chose to be arrested. This act started what would be known as the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The movement sparked others to band together and in tern, change was made about a year later. Black people were no longer subjected to having to sit at the back of the bus nor did they have to give up the seats they paid for because they were black.

Enjoy our visit!


who is rosa parks


A statue of Rosa Parks seated on the bus. This is the only picture we were allowed to take inside.





We were not allowed to take pictures in most of the exhibits however, we loved the street landmark signs.






Here is the bus top where it all began. This was our history lesson for the day.







Our family is blessed to be able to visit historical landmarks and actually touch the places where lives were changed. It is one thing to read about history in a book or article but to actually stand in the same place where life changing events took place can leave one in awe. These real life lessons are lived and will never be forgotten.

If you visit Montgomery, Alabama, make sure to see the Rosa Parks Library and Museum and then take a walk down the street and see the historic sites. You will be glad you did!  See the link below.


Our plans His hands.

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