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Our visit to Medgar Evers home was both sad and enlightening.

Medgar Evers has been an unsung hero and I feel every child should be privileged to learn about him and the way he stood for justice, and even lost his life for it. I remember the excitement building up as we saw the exit sign.


medgar evers home

There were such mixed feelings as we stood in front of his home and then in the drive way where he was gunned down by the evil that is still prevalent today.

medgar evers home

This is the historic marker, that’s bolted on the the front of his home.

medgar evers home


Here stands the historic marker that is located on the street right in front of his home. I can hardly believe that I stood there reading the sign to my children. It was both exciting and heart breaking at the same time.

medgar evers home


Once inside, we were able to see each and every room in his home. I don’t want to show all the pictures because they prefer people visit the home museum in person. I’ll post just enough to wet your whistle though…

medgar evers home

This lovely and knowledgeable curator of the museum, gave us a lesson that we can’t recapture. Our children learned things that day that could not be taught in a text book. They were able to see his home, see his piano, his book shelf, and other items that made Medgar Evers, who he was. Not only did they see history, they were able to touch it.

Our curator taught us so many things and pointed out details that I will always remember. As we toured the home, we learned what life was like for Medgar Evers and his family.

Did you know that the mattresses the children slept on were on the floor? Our children learned it was due to the constant threats on their lives. The mattresses on the floor were to protect them from gun shots through the windows.

The refrigerator was pushed up against the back door, due to the threat of those who would try to break in and harm the family.

I could go on and on but you need to see it for yourselves.

medgar evers home

medgar evers home

I am truly thankful to experience history in it’s fullest, by visiting places like this. Most importantly, I am blessed that my children are seeing these things at an early age and learning on the road. These experiences can never be duplicated in the class room…

Our plans, His hands…

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