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Our visit to the Leesburg African American Museum was a trip to be remembered!

First, these ladies were helpful and very informative.
leesburg African american museum


leesburg african american museum


In addition, the children, as well as my husband and I, were able to hear personal stories and the stories of others in the town of Leesburg, Florida. This is what I call, real life lessons. Certain things you can’t get in the classroom, you must venture out into the real world, to touch, see, and hear. Some things are taught, while other things are caught.

Consequently, these ladies took great care and time to give us an education about the Leesburg African American Museum. This trip will always be remembered.

leesburg african american museum


Next, within these BIG black books were articles about the people of Leesburg. There were so many books and articles to read. Furthermore, to know that these ladies, love their town and heritage enough to collect and chronicle such history, is astounding! As a result, we are able to read about it today.

leesburg african american museum

Most noteworthy, this is where it all began with a phone call with Ms. Joyce. Additionally, Ms. Joyce made sure we were able to make the most of our visit today, hence she welcomed us with open arms and gave us even more information about the Leesburg African American Museum and the community, it represents.


leesburg african american museum

There were articles written about those who broke color barriers, such as, Virgil D. Hawkins, Esq. who became an attorney, during the times of blatant segregation. Most of all, there were many articles about everyday people, who raised families, worked, and did things to make their community, a great community.

leesburg african american museum


We got to hold and look at this Black Law Dictionary, you know I LOVE books! This was especially great for Daniel, who wants to be a judge when he grows up!

leesburg african american museum



leesburg african american museum


Finally, a special thanks to Ms. Joyce, who made this visit possible. Your team of ladies, are the BEST! We are so blessed to have had this visit and expose our children to such greatness, that lies in a small town. Leesburg, is a hidden jewel in the community.

Our plans, His hands.

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2 thoughts on “Leesburg African American Museum

  • LaShaunda Hoffman

    This looks like a good museum to visit. Thanks for sharing your blog link.

    • Verlyn Tarlton

      Thank you LaShaunda! This means a WHOLE LOT coming from you! And, yes, the museum was great, I wish we were able to stay longer. There was SO much to read about and learn. This museum is in Leesburg,Florida and worth the trip!


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