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I’m super excited to announce that a new technology pilot program will be implemented!

Family and friends, I’m looking for 3rd grade teachers and homeschool teachers, to be included in this pilot program. I’ll be implementing a literacy/technology piece with Swift Walker and with permission, participating students/classes will be featured, right here on our blog.

During this pilot program, students will be sent a “Go Swift Walker Figure”. They will  then send this figure to other third grade students. The objective of this project is to send Go Swift Walker, along with the student, on a journey to discover African American history in the students home state or even in their own back yards!

There’s so much history to be discovered, so why not discover it together!

Once this history has been located, students can send information, pictures, small write-ups, and drawings about their discovery, back to the sender.

With parental permission, students and their discoveries will be featured on this blog for others to see and learn. This will cultivate community and sharing with other students.

This is a brief overview of the pilot program. More details will be shared and mapped out for clarity, once schools and students are accepted.

If you know a 3rd grade teacher, please contact me. If you don’t know a 3rd grade teacher, please share this post, it would be very helpful.  This pilot program is being offered to public and home school students.

Thank you in advance!

**For the first seven qualified participants to sign up, a Swift Walker book will be sent to them, FREE of charge!

Our plans, His hands.

To order your copy of Swift Walker and other products, click the link below. Your support is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Choosing good books for your child can be easy!

If you want to know how, this post was written just for you!

You see, as an author and mother of five, I have always had the question about what makes a good children’s book, for my children. I LOVE books and I never met a book I didn’t like. Well, to come to think of it, I have! Never mind.

Consequently, when it comes to your child, the time invested in reading counts. So, I wrote this post to make choosing good books for your child easy. While I do believe that reading, if it’s done in and with love is more important than the book itself, I still understand that content is important.

There are many reasons we read to our children. We read for fun, entertainment, information, vocabulary building, and the list goes on. So then, how do we choose books that are right for our children?

Without making it complicated, here’s a reading start! These tips are compiled for children who are pre-school through early elementary school. Once you finish, you’ll be ready to go and choose good books for your child.

  1. Books for children should be visually stimulating. Illustrations are very important at this stage.
  2. The words should be age appropriate, not too easy and not too hard.
  3. Rhyming words or catch phrases are a big plus for children who are just beginning to read.
  4. The number of words per page, should not be too long or too short. Attention span plays a factor in this.
  5. The characters should be easy to follow as well as the story plot.
  6. Your books should have characters, your child can relate to or characters that look like them. At best, children’s books should reflect themselves and allow the child to see him or herself in the book. Remember, representation matters!

Going to your local library is free and can be informative. Typically, the librarian has a list compiled of suggested reading by age or grade. This can be a good place to start!

Most of all books are to be enjoyed and a pleasure that never ends.

Our plans, His hands.

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HELLO Florida!

Hello Florida! You certainly are hot! The first thing we noticed when we got out of the RV was the nice hot temperature. Can you say eighty plus degrees? We left Georgia and it was about thirty degrees plus.

Oh, boy did the sun feel good. We had to shed sweat shirts and long sleeves to soak it all in.

Here are a few pictures of some of our first sights in Florida. More to come.

Hello FLorida








Our plans, His hands.

To order your copy of Swift Walker books and other products, click the link below. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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So long sweet Georgia!

Our visit to Georgia was the best. It seems our trip gets better and better. The history lessons were AMAZING.

We met and connected with so many great people and made new friends, here’s a peak, at just a few of them. We have more pictures than space to post them!

Enjoy our sweet Georgia friends!

so long Georgia

so long Georgia














So long sweet Georgia…

See ya in Florida!

Our plans, His hands.

To order your copy of Swift Walker and other products, click on the link below. You support is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Our visit to The Listening Tree!

What a way to end our stay in Georgia. I had a book singing at The Listening Tree bookstore. First of all, The Listening Tree is an awesome children’s bookstore in Decatur, Ga. and our whole family loved the books, atmosphere, and most noteworthy, the customer service!

Omar, the owner made us feel like more than customers and author, he made us feel like family. Here he is with his two sons!

The Listening Tree

This bookstore was full of windows, cheery, well lit, and stocked with historical and educational dvd’s, books and a BIG tree where authors could sit in a chair and read to the children.

the listening tree

the listening tree

Consequently, we loved the grass shapes on the carpet, because, the children could sit on the shapes, as well as play a game of “guess the shapes” to win a prize.

the listening tree

the listening tree

In addition, at a time when it’s difficult to find books that have illustrations of black/brown children, this visit was very refreshing, indeed! Especially relevant, was the fact that the books ranged from picture books to chapter books for all levels to enjoy!

the listening tree

the listening tree

the listening tree

Finally, whenever we return to Georgia, The Listening Tree is one stop we must make!

the listening tree

the listening tree

My husband, driver, supporter, and biggest fan!

In conclusion, thank you, Omar for having us! Swift Walker loved The Listening Tree!

To see more click here:

Our plans, His hands.

To get your copy of Swift Walker books or other products, click the link below! Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!


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First of all, I had no idea, Swift Walker would take on a life of his own. Writing children’s books was never a goal of mine. However, there was a need. The need for little brown boys to see themselves in books and to see themselves in positive ways, was great. While Swift Walker is a book to be enjoyed by ALL children, little brown boys need this type of influence, care, and attention.

Swift Walker came to be when I started telling my children a funny story, in our van, about a little boy, whose feet would not stop walking. I had no idea at the time that this story would turn into a series of books.

So, who is Swift Walker? Swift Walker is a little boy, who embarks on a journey all over the world and even into outer space. Most noteworthy, on this journey, he discovers many places and things. But his biggest and best discovery comes, when he discovers himself!

Go Swift Walker

Furthermore, Swift Walker walks everywhere! Of course, he can’t physically do this, but Swift Walker represents possibilities! He puts children on a path to self-discovery.  Most importantly, Swift Walker shows children they can do anything and go anywhere. They just need to put one foot in front of the other.

Finally, Swift Walker reaches into the hearts and minds of little brown boys and allows them to see themselves in books that showcase positive images with positive messages. Seeing themselves in books, gives them excitement, relevance, and motivation to read for enjoyment. As a result, this helps promote literacy, especially among little brown boys. The more they see themselves in books, the more the joy of reading can be cultivated.

Go Swift Walker

In conclusion, the more he travels and makes discoveries, the more he finds himself and his place in the world. Hence, all little boys should be on a journey to find themselves and they can, with Swift Walker.

Who is Swift Walker? Swift Walker is every rambunctious, curious, little brown boy, on a journey to self-discovery.

Consequently, Swift Walker is more than a character in a book, Swift Walker is a movement. Join the movement!

Our plans, His hands.

To order your copy of Swift Walker books or other items, click the link below. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you!



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Close to a month ago, we made our weekly trip to Winder Library, in Georgia. As I was sitting and working, “free internet”, usage, my husband brought a couple over to meet me. It turns out, Mr. Dwight Acey, is on the board of the Friends of the Winder Library! Who knew?

On our travels, we never know who we’ll meet, but it’s always a blessing! I call them “divine connections”. Here we are, at Winder Library, making divine connections!

winder library


My husband is always telling the people he meets, about his wife, the author. I suppose, I’ll have to put him on the payroll as my PR man!

As I always say, one of the best things about traveling, is meeting new people, making great friends and establishing meaningful connections.

We had great conversation and then they purchased two books! Always a plus, after all, I want to be a bestselling author, not a best writing author!  Meet our new friends.

We’re very blessed!

winder library

Our plans, His hands.

To purchase your copy of Swift Walker books and other products, click the link below. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Greetings Everyone!

Do you want to increase your standard of living?

*Increase your standard of living by increasing your standard of giving!

Swift Walker Challenge

As an author, I would love to put my books in the hands of many children. However, it’s not possible to do this alone. I need you and that’s the truth. How can you help? Glad you asked!

It’s simple:

*First, purchase a copy of Swift Walker online, there are 3 to choose from, links listed below.

*Next, take a picture with the book, post the picture and your plans in the comments section. Or tag me on facebook. *This will encourage others to do the same. Also, you’ll be featured on my website/blog post.

*Finally, donate Swift Walker book to a daycare in your community.

That’s it!

As incentive, if you share this post, I’ll send you a FREE pdf copy of my latest Swift Walker book.

Thank you in advance for helping me give the gift that keeps on giving. The gift of a book lasts forever.

Let’s GO!

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Ten Benefits of Reading Aloud to Your Child.

There are 10 benefits of reading aloud to your child. These are the ones, that, in my opinion, stand out the most.

Most of all, keep in mind, it’s never too early to read aloud to your child, because they always hear you, even if you think they don’t. Furthermore, during each one of my pregnancies, I read aloud. In addition, it’s said that the baby can hear the mommy’s voice in the womb.

Consequently, the sooner you start reading aloud, the better. I remember being in grade school, probably, the best time of the day was when the teacher would read aloud, while we placed our heads on the desk. Especially relevant, was the warm feeling I felt, hearing the soothing voice read aloud while I rested. Seems like my heart would just melt. I loved read aloud’s, truth be told, I still do.

Most noteworthy, books can be read as soon as you can place your baby on your lap. Besides, that’s what a lap is for!

Without further ado!

#1 Reading aloud is plain old fun and free!

#2 Reading aloud helps to increase vocabulary.

#3 Reading aloud exposes your child to print stories and imagery.

#4 Reading aloud helps to sharpen your child’s listening skills.

#5 Reading aloud nurtures the bond between parent and child.

#6 Reading aloud creates a calming, relaxing, and soothing effect before bed or nap time.

#7 Reading aloud promotes a love of reading and books.

#8 Reading aloud improves comprehension.

#9 Reading aloud stimulates language growth and development.

#10 Reading helps increase memory skills.

In conclusion, I certainly hope this list of ten benefits of reading aloud to your child will help spark a passion for reading together. Most importantly, your child will love the tender moments spent sharing a book. Don’t be surprised when they ask for more!

Our plans, His hands.

To purchase your copy of Swift Walker and other products, click the link below. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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PSA from Plum Street Press!

Swift Walker is here!

Fuel your child’s imagination with real information about geography and outer space. Each book has color illustrations and a cute story to engage young readers while they learn about our world and beyond. And for a limited time, Amazon purchasers can download the ebook for free when they buy the paperback.

As Swift Walker would say: Wow! Amazing!

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Learn About the Continents!Power your child’s imagination with real information!
As a writer, I’m super excited to see my first series complete!
Your child’s eyes and imagination will light up as he/she see these images! Plum Street Press, as well as myself, have worked hard to ensure your child will love this series.
It’s important that children read books that are both exciting and informative. As your child reads, they will learn about the oceans, planets, and continents. They will love learning with Swift Walker. He’s a character, they can relate to. He’s fun and always on the go!
Our plans, His hands.
To order your copy of Swift Walker and other products, click the links below. As always, your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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