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Where’s the voice of the black woman, black wife, black mother? Who speaks for those who are raising little black girls in a society that does not validate their true beauty but rather tells them to look different from themselves? Where’s the voice that helps a new wife gain sanity and maintain her marriage while dealing with external pressures of previous relationships? Where’s the voice who speaks to the heart of the rejected woman and helps her see that her life and beauty are so much more than she can see through all her tears? Where’s the voice that says the hair that grows “straight outta your scalp” is strong, beautiful and unique? Where’s the voice that speaks the truth that as we build each other, we build ourselves? Where’s the voice that says, we should find a life before becoming a wife?

Where’s the voice who pens books for little black boys that paint a positive image of themselves, their fathers, their brothers, their uncles and grandfathers? Where’s the voice who pens books about black families who love and respect each other?  Where’s the voice who speaks to the masses about educating our children about their heritage that goes far beyond slavery and oppression? Where’s the voice who encourages families to turn off the electronics and pick up books instead?  Where’s the voice who teaches our children how to create and build wealth instead of being consumers only?

The voice is emerging.


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Hey everybody! 12314669_10205426664686230_2858646432602381189_o

Anyone who knows me, or has done business with me, has most likely met my three youngest children. Why is this? Whenever possible I take them with me to my speaking engagements, book signings and Author Talks. They see me constantly on my computer. They don’t ask what I’m doing anymore, now they know. They say, “Mommy’s working or writing”. They are beginning to get an idea of what I do.

Taking them with me, is very intentional.  Not only do I want them to see what I’m doing, but I also want them to get an idea of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. You see, trying to explain it to them and showing them are two different things. Not only do they see me running my business but they also participate with me. Another positive, they get to see their parents working together and supporting each other. They watch as my husband takes pictures and helps set up. They hear me telling him, thank you and saying please to him. It’s a win/win.

Just this week when I had a speaking engagement and then a book signing followed, my children helped. They helped carry books and other items. The little people also helped to bag the books after I signed them. Whenever, my husband told them to go get something or to move a chair, they were right there, engaged in the process. They witnessed how I interacted with the audience and how the audience interacted with me. Seeing my flow and experiencing me in a different way, helps them further understand  more about what I do and how I do it.

After business was done, we took them to celebrate a successful night by grabbing a meal. Well, also I had not cooked that evening. Of course they loved it! They felt they earned it because they were so helpful. They are learning what it’s like to be on a team and work for a common goal.

I love being able to include them in my business dealings. By tasting the entrepreneur life, I hope to instill in them to create and not just  consume. I pray they will find and follow their passions. I want them to understand they have a choice to work for themselves. Most of all, I want to pass down a legacy.


Until the next time.

Live a life of love,



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Hey Everybody!

It’s funny how life takes you on a different path at times. When I started this blog my focus was on the book I wrote titled, “The Next Wife”. I was also venturing out into the radio world, considering a show about marriage. But here comes Swift Walker!

I’m happy to say my first children’s book has been released. “Swift Walker a Continental Journey!” It’s taking the world by storm and it seems my focus has shifted, at least for now. I have to go with the flow.

I started to delete all of my previous posts. But then I thought. Why do that? Things change all the time and sometimes we have to change right along with it. It’s ok to start in a different direction, which makes us human and flexible. So, I’m keeping my previous posts. Transparency, is a good thing. It makes us real and keeps us humble.

For the most part I have written books for adults and they have done pretty well. But, it turns out Swift Walker is taking on a life of its own and I am following his path. I am very excited about the overwhelming response I am getting. Children love the vivid pictures and the over-all story. Quite a few adults love Swift too!

So here’s to change and re-focus. Serendipity perhaps?

Until the next time.

Live a life of love!

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Hey Everybody!

So, what’s going on with marriages these days? Why are so many people suffering inside of marriage? These are questions that can’t be answered in one post but they can be brought to light and at least addressed.

We live in a time where things are instant and patience is short. We want what we want, now. We want problems fixed now and we want people to change, now. When we don’t get what we want, there’s an instant consequence. We complain, devalue the other person and seek ways to pull away.

One main source of issues stem from our minds and then from our mouths. Often more than not, we think thoughts that are detrimental to our marriages, these thoughts often formulate into words and then take the form of actions.

So how do we conquer such a thing? Recently, I did a 21 Day Marriage Makeover Challenge on Facebook. It was a progressive challenge. In a nutshell, the challenge was to “not speak” anything negative for seven days, then for the next seven days add a compliment to that. The final seven days, a smile was added to the compliment, on top of “no negative” speaking.

As simple as this sounds, it was not that easy. You see, for the most part we are accustomed to blurting out whatever comes to our minds. So to actually have to think before speaking was a challenge. I was challenged as well but over-all, I learned a lot and I decided to continue on this path. 12080401_10205175066276427_3766674108656242509_o

Words have power. The way we use them, makes a difference in the lives of our spouses. We can build them up or tear them down in one sentence. Remember this. The seeds we plant with our mouths will produce fruit!

Really, how many of us know this already? Most of us do. But theory and practice are different. In order to practice this we must use self-control. Hence, the real issue.

To be continued in the next post.

Until then…

Live a life of love!

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12120067_10205174403659862_4432280551071559707_oHey Everybody!
So, what’s going on with me these days? Well, I’ll be a regular host on BFTM Radio… Like this blog, I’ll be sharing thoughts and ideas about marriage from the wives perspective. It’s very exciting to venture out using this platform. I hope to connect and meet more people as I host shows that will make impact.

So many people are married and suffering and feel they have no hope. Many times permanent decisions are made about temporary problems. This happens often because there’s no one to talk to and no one who can be objective while helping. Furthermore, everybody is so busy, and consequently, we suffer alone.

The truth is all problems have solutions. The solutions may NOT be what we want to hear. They may not come from who we want them to come from but they are solutions nonetheless. What we often lack is the connection.

Through my books, blogging and radio show, I intend to connect and be a sounding board. I intend to host truths and provide a safe place to address those issues that are most important and vital but often overlooked.

Marriages these days are undervalued and over looked by mainstream media and society. I’m here to tell you, that it’s time to redeem marriage as the sacred soul connection that it is.
Marriage is honorable and still desired. I will share these and other thoughts on my up and coming talk show! More details to come in the very near future.
Join me!
Until then…
Live a life of love!

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Hey Everybody!

Welcome back! I am super excited to have my site up and running. I have a ton of ideas and information “for you”. For the most part I will be focusing on snippets from my books, events and radio topics. I’ll even share some poetry

On my site you will find information about money and marriage.

Join me again and let’s get into the nitty gritty of it all!

If you have questions or comments leave me a message below. I love hearing from my readers. Until the next time…


Live a life of love!


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Hey Everybody!

Welcome to my new site! Thanks for visiting me.

I started this blog to have a platform to share my thoughts and to hear yours. As an author and speaker I love words, written and spoken. When I write and speak, I share a part of myself. I share who I am and what I believe. I am who I am, nothing more, nothing less. More and more I am beginning to appreciate my life and where I am, in this phase.

I could go on and on about what I have accomplished but my accomplishments aren’t who I am. I am a women who has a passion for writing, speaking and learning. I am a wife, mother and grandmother, again these are titles, which I wear proudly. I’m learning to be thankful for everyday life and to cherish the days and the nights. I love the beach, good food, great books and lots of music.

Thanks for sharing this part of my life with me. As we connect, I hope to learn as much from you as I plan to share with you. Each and every book that I have written, and will write, comes from my heart and soul. There is great power in words and we all have this power. In sharing our words, we also share our power.

Browse my site, make yourself at home and by all means enjoy.


Living a life of love!

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