Swift Walker loved to walk fast. His sister warned him, “One day, you’ll walk so fast you won’t be able to stop!” Sure enough, his speedy legs took him on a journey across the world. “Wow”! he said. “Amazing!”

We are the traveling Tarlton’s!

Isaiah, our budding builder, Daniel, our future lawyer, and Melody, the animal loving veterinarian to be, are our minor children. We are learning to love and live life simply with gratitude.

Tyrone, the dad, is a retired teacher. Verlyn, the mom is the writer. We work every day to make this trip an adventure of learning, and fun.

Thank you for joining us, our journey is your journey!

I live simply with gratitude.

I am resourceful, respectful, responsible, and reliable.

I boldly and fully embrace my Hebrew Heritage.

I live well, not just exist.

I travel to different places, meet new people, and use the world as my classroom.

I live out The Most High’s given purpose, without limits, boundaries, or fear.

Meet Swift Walker

Swift Walker, the character from my books, is a rambunctious, curly haired little boy, who walks fast everywhere he goes. He has places to go, people to see, and things to do!
Swift represents little boys around the world, who seek adventure and lots of fun, and like most little boys, he can’t sit still because he’s full of life and energy.
Swift Walker wants to share his adventures with everyone he meets, and makes a friend where ever he goes. Swift wants to be your friend too!


“The Next Great Adventure!”

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